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Grain storage: spare parts

The use of silos for grain storage is a viable alternative for producers and cooperatives that want to store the production of their own unit or store the production of several producers.

What are the benefits of grain storage?

Among the benefits that grain storage is able to offer are:

  • Decreases quantitative and qualitative losses that occur in the field due to delay in harvesting or due to storage in inappropriate places;

  • Reduces spending on transport, which has its maximum price at the “harvest peak”, as it avoids waiting for trucks in queues at collection or intermediary units;

  • Contributes to increase harvest yield, due to the elimination of impurities and excess water;

  • Guarantees the quality of the product, avoiding inadequate processing due to the large volume to be processed during the harvest period;

  • Help in obtaining financing through specific lines of credit for pre-commercialization;

  • Provides the use of the product at the most opportune moment;

  • It increases the bargaining power of producers, as it allows the choice of marketing season.

Schuman operates in the segment with spare parts for silos. We have a catalog of parts for dryer silos, waiting silos, storage silos and dispatch silos.

Schumann operates in the Brazilian scenario with the best spare parts on the market!Your Silo needs repair, we have the ideal solution for your unit, get in touch with us!

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